5 Reasons to go Self-Catering

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Posts | 0 comments

Deciding on your next holiday? Here are 5 reasons you should go self-catering!

1. More Food Options

Eating in the same hotel every night gets boring right? If you go self-catering you can try a different place every time, cafe, take away, restaurant, even the local supermarket, whatever you’re in the mood for self-catering gives you the freedom to make your choice.

2. Feels More Homely

Self-catering lets you feel like your on holiday while still feeling at home, if you don’t want to worry about leaving your stuff lying around the house or taking up too much space then self-catering is definitely the option for you!

3. Kids Can Run Free

Let your kids roam free, run around the garden, play games in the living room, eat snacks in the kitchen, where ever they want to be, you can let them without worrying about getting in other people’s way or constantly keeping an eye on them.

4. More Authentic

Staying in a traditional holiday home gives you a more authentic stay, not staying in a hotel also encourages you to go out and see and do more, learn more about the local history and enjoy some of the nature that surrounds you.

5. Ideal for Big Groups

If you are holidaying in a big group self-catering is the perfect way to go, save lots of money by bulk buying and making food for the whole group, don’t be restricted to mealtimes or worry about the bar closing, enjoy the freedom of self-catering.

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