5 Hidden Lochs in the Highlands

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The Scottish Highlands are full of stunning lochs, take Loch Ness, for example, thousands of visitors come every year hoping they might have the chance to spot the famous Nessie. But we are here to talk about the Lesser known Lochs, the peaceful spots, hidden away from the usual tracks.

Loch Brora

1.Loch Brora

Hidden behind the village of Brora lays a stunning loch, in between two sections of the Brora river, this loch is the perfect place for an adventure. Take a canoe or paddleboard along and paddle out to the island in the middle. On the island, there is a memorial that was built in memory of Jess Tyser by her husband Walter, the owners of the estate surrounding the lake.

Loch Shin

2. Loch Shin

Right in the heart of Sutherland Loch Shin is the longest loch in Sutherland, be sure to say hello to the little mouse in the house in the middle of the loch on your way past. As the story goes a man by the name of Jock Broon was once given the piece of land by the laird in exchange for teaching him how to make whiskey in 1824, Broon built the wee house to mark becoming a landowner but died shortly after in a shooting accident.

Allt Ceann Locha

3. Allt Ceann Locha

Just driving past this loch is a real treat, surrounded by truly Scottish scenery you will not regret taking this detour. If you are up for a bit of adventure walk along to the wooden bridge and follow the zig-zag path up to the top of the hill for stunning views overlooking the Loch.

Loch Fleet

4. Loch Fleet

Loch Fleet is our least hidden loch, in fact, anyone that does the NC500 will drive over this loch however not many people take advantage of passing such a beautiful place. Loch Fleet is a sea loch so on the south side of the loch, you can often see seals laying on the sandbank in the middle of the loch, it is also a fantastic place to stop for some photos with a view of Ben Bhraggie in the background.

Loch Migdale

5. Loch Migdale

Loch Migdale is another hidden gem, with a stunning forest walk along the waterside it is perfect for a bit of peaceful downtime. It is an easy location to get too just of the A9 and NC500 route making it perfect for a wee adventure while doing a road trip.

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