5 Reasons to Stay Longer

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Yeah, a road trip sounds great, driving around with the music up and the windows down, hopping from place to place and visiting numerous places in just a few days. But sometimes it’s nice to just stop, appreciate where you are, take your time, delve into the history and culture of where you are. Here are 5 reasons you should stay longer.

Loch Shin, Lairg, Sutherland.

1. There are so many things to see

There is so much to see in the Highlands, each village has its own story to tell, with thousands of castles, museums, lochs and Munros to see in the highlands you could easily spend weeks in each place without getting bored.

Brora Golf Club

2. Don’t Rush, Chill Out

It is important not to rush, when you try to pack in a heavy itinerary it’s easy to forget to simply enjoy being surrounded by one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Take your time on the roads, look around, take a morning stroll through the quaint villages and along the stunning shores, take in everything the Highlands really has to offer.

Loch Fleet

3. Time to Think/Recharge

It’s true what they say, fresh air really does work wonders. Scotland is the perfect place to forget about the daily hustle and bustle and just slow down, take the time to really chill out, give yourself a break, let your batteries recharge.

4. Friendly Locals

No matter where you go one thing is for sure, the locals are friendly, don’t be afraid to stop someone to ask for directions, we are always happy to recommend the best places to eat or best-hidden places to go that no one knows about except the locals.

5. Make More Memories

It’s not just about ticking things off the bucket list, taking your time allows you to simply enjoy your holiday and make memories with the people you love. Spending time in one place allows you to spend more time with your family enjoying being outdoors and make new friends.

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