5 Things to Pack When Going to the Highlands

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Posts | 0 comments

Planning a trip to the Highlands? Not sure what to pack? Here is a list of 5 things you should have in your bag!


1. Camera

The Highlands is one of the most scenic places in the world, from the rolling hills to the stunning beaches there is so much to see, you’ll want to capture every second of your trip and show it to all your family and friends when you get home so be sure to bring a good camera with you!

Midge Spray

2. Midge Spray

One thing you certainly need to pack coming to the highlands is midge spray, especially in the warmer weather. You won’t see (or feel) as many when on the east coast as you would on the west coast of Scotland but don’t let the wee bandits stop your fun – we personally recommend Smidge repellent.

3. Hat and Sunscreen

It’s a running joke that the highlands have four seasons in one day but more often than not its true! Be prepared with both cosy hats and sun cream because you will probably need them both!

Walking Boots

4. Walking Boots

A good pair of walking boots are essential in the Highlands. Whether you plan to bag some Munro’s, take relaxing forest strolls, trek along our rugged coastline or visit some of our castles and gardens your walking boots will be your best friend.

5. Waterproof Jacket

Talk about stating the obvious! Even when the weather is lovely there is always time for a quick shower of rain, be sure to keep your eyes peeled though because the rain is usually followed by a spectacular rainbow.

Dog Treats

Bonus Item- Dog Treats

One thing you will definitely see a lot of on your travels through the highlands is dogs, we love our dogs up in the highlands and you will find many cafés and accommodation that allows dogs. One thing is for sure our furry four-legged friends will always say yes to a treat! Be sure to always check with the owner before approaching or giving any treats.

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