Top 5 things to do During Lockdown

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Posts | 0 comments

We know this is a difficult time for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! Check out these 5 things to do to make the most of your lockdown!

1.Take a Walk

The most obvious of the 5 is taking a walk, use your one walk a day wisely, some of us are so busy with work and life in general, it’s not often we get the time to just go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Be Crafty

Fish out all the old arts and craft stuff from your cupboard and try something you’ve always wanted to try, learn to knit, paint a picture or even make a board game for the whole family to enjoy!

3. Make Plans

Use this time to be productive, apply for a new job or even, start a new business or plan the adventure of a lifetime around the Highlands of Scotland. Use this time to really think about what you want to do in the future and start planning, re-write your cv, start a business plan, map out your route and plan your accommodation!

4. Play Games

Who doesn’t love board games, dig out the board games, if you don’t have any take the advice from number 2 and make some! Or why not use this time to learn a few card games?

5. Call Friends and Family

When life is hectic calling friends or relatives that are far away can often come at the bottom of the to-do list, now that you have time you can spend hours on the phone without feeling guilty, go on, pick up the phone and have a good old catch up!

We hope you enjoy this article and that it might just inspire one or two of you to do somethings on this list. Have fun and most importantly stay safe!