5 Hidden Lochs in the Highlands

5 Hidden Lochs in the Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are full of stunning lochs, take Loch Ness, for example, thousands of visitors come every year hoping they might have the chance to spot the famous Nessie. But we are here to talk about the Lesser known Lochs, the peaceful spots, hidden away from the usual tracks.

Loch Brora

1.Loch Brora

Hidden behind the village of Brora lays a stunning loch, in between two sections of the Brora river, this loch is the perfect place for an adventure. Take a canoe or paddleboard along and paddle out to the island in the middle. On the island, there is a memorial that was built in memory of Jess Tyser by her husband Walter, the owners of the estate surrounding the lake.

Loch Shin

2. Loch Shin

Right in the heart of Sutherland Loch Shin is the longest loch in Sutherland, be sure to say hello to the little mouse in the house in the middle of the loch on your way past. As the story goes a man by the name of Jock Broon was once given the piece of land by the laird in exchange for teaching him how to make whiskey in 1824, Broon built the wee house to mark becoming a landowner but died shortly after in a shooting accident.

Allt Ceann Locha

3. Allt Ceann Locha

Just driving past this loch is a real treat, surrounded by truly Scottish scenery you will not regret taking this detour. If you are up for a bit of adventure walk along to the wooden bridge and follow the zig-zag path up to the top of the hill for stunning views overlooking the Loch.

Loch Fleet

4. Loch Fleet

Loch Fleet is our least hidden loch, in fact, anyone that does the NC500 will drive over this loch however not many people take advantage of passing such a beautiful place. Loch Fleet is a sea loch so on the south side of the loch, you can often see seals laying on the sandbank in the middle of the loch, it is also a fantastic place to stop for some photos with a view of Ben Bhraggie in the background.

Loch Migdale

5. Loch Migdale

Loch Migdale is another hidden gem, with a stunning forest walk along the waterside it is perfect for a bit of peaceful downtime. It is an easy location to get too just of the A9 and NC500 route making it perfect for a wee adventure while doing a road trip.

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5 Reasons to go Self-Catering

5 Reasons to go Self-Catering

Deciding on your next holiday? Here are 5 reasons you should go self-catering!

1. More Food Options

Eating in the same hotel every night gets boring right? If you go self-catering you can try a different place every time, cafe, take away, restaurant, even the local supermarket, whatever you’re in the mood for self-catering gives you the freedom to make your choice.

2. Feels More Homely

Self-catering lets you feel like your on holiday while still feeling at home, if you don’t want to worry about leaving your stuff lying around the house or taking up too much space then self-catering is definitely the option for you!

3. Kids Can Run Free

Let your kids roam free, run around the garden, play games in the living room, eat snacks in the kitchen, where ever they want to be, you can let them without worrying about getting in other people’s way or constantly keeping an eye on them.

4. More Authentic

Staying in a traditional holiday home gives you a more authentic stay, not staying in a hotel also encourages you to go out and see and do more, learn more about the local history and enjoy some of the nature that surrounds you.

5. Ideal for Big Groups

If you are holidaying in a big group self-catering is the perfect way to go, save lots of money by bulk buying and making food for the whole group, don’t be restricted to mealtimes or worry about the bar closing, enjoy the freedom of self-catering.

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Top 5 Things to do in Sutherland

Top 5 Things to do in Sutherland

Are you planning a trip to Sutherland? If you are, make sure you don’t miss out on these five top things to do!

1. Smoo Cave

The Smoo Caves are located just beside Durness in the far north of Scotland. These fascinating caves are made of three sections, with one of the biggest sea cave entrances in Britain and a 20ft waterfall in the middle chamber. While visiting you can also get a short boat ride past the waterfall and into the third section of the cave only accessible by boat.

2. Dunrobin Castle

You can’t visit Sutherland and not visit Dunrobin Castle. Once home to the Duke of Sutherland this gorgeous stately home is full of traditional furnishings fit for, well, a Duke. The castle is surrounded by extremely well-manicured gardens, make sure you stop by at the right time to see the birds of prey demonstration and enjoy the delicious range of cakes and coffee in the café.

3. Falls of Shin

Take a day trip up to the Falls of Shin, watch the salmon leaping up the waterfalls, then head up to the stunning restaurant that is shaped like a salmon. Walkthrough the forest, playing games along the way.  Have a play in the fantastic park, even get a round of mini-golf in! There are so many things to see and do while at Falls of Shin, it really is worth the visit!

4. Whaligoe Steps

This 330 Step challenge is certainly worth it, the views on this walk are simply stunning, all the way down to the natural harbour between the two rock faces. You will certainly deserve a treat after climbing all the way back up so be sure to visit the Whaligoe steps café and restaurant at the top.

5. Loch Fleet

Loch Fleet is located between Dornoch and Golspie.  As you’re driving around Loch Fleet you can see Highland cows and if you’re passing at the right time you’ll see the seals basking in the sun. Loch Fleet is also the perfect place to go Kayaking with calm flat water and a stunning 360° view.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Golspie

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Golspie

Thinking about staying on the east coast of Sutherland? We’ve got the best place for you! Golspie is a stunning small village with some of the most exciting things to see and do on the north coast, here are five things you should see when you are visiting.

1. Dunrobin Castle

You can’t visit Sutherland and not visit Dunrobin Castle. Once home to the duke of Sutherland this gorgeous stately home is full of traditional furnishings fit for, well, a Duke. The castle is surrounded by extremely well-manicured gardens, make sure you stop by at the right time to see the birds of prey demonstration and enjoy the delicious range of cakes and coffee in the café.

2. Ben Bhraggie

For a bit of a challenge you could climb up the Ben, not only is it a stunning backdrop for the village of Golspie but it also provides simply incredible views from the top, get a birds-eye view of Golspie, and the Dornoch firth, on a good day you can look all the way out to Portmahomack and see the lighthouse flashing across the sea. Make sure to bring a sweet snack for the Duke of Sutherland at the top.

3. Big Burn Walk

Enjoy walking alongside the big burn, through the trees, over bridges and surrounded by nature until you get to a waterfall you only see in fairytales. This is a fantastic walk for kids, with plenty to see on the way. Stop for a picnic on one of the many benches along the way, and if you feel like you’re up for more adventure take one of the many paths that lead on further, just remember your way home!

4. Carn Laith

This iron age broch lies roughly halfway between Golspie and Brora. The walls are very well-preserved and at 12ft high, you can see the layout to this day. This ancient site is well worth the visit, bring the kids along and spend the afternoon living in the iron age.

5. Golspie Golf Club

Come to Golspie to play beautiful James Braid links course. Try not to be too intimidated with the Duke of Sutherland statue watching you from atop of the Ben Bhraggie hill. No matter the season you will enjoy the scenic views from every point of this course, from the sea to the hills, to the quaint village of Golspie itself. Afterward, come in and enjoy a well-deserved drink in the clubhouse.

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